How We’re Different

At FoCo Kids Dentistry, we believe every child should receive the best care. If you come to us for your child, you’ll receive:

  • The expertise of board-certified pediatric dentists.
  • Timely appointments.
  • A genuinely caring + friendly team.
  • A judgement-free educational approach to pediatric dentistry.
  • The expertise of CarePoint Anesthesia in a child focused environment.
  • A clean + modern dental office designed with children’s needs taken to heart.
  • Wide array of treatments all at one practice. Everything from routine dental care to sedated wisdom teeth extractions.

Ever wonder the difference between a board-certified pediatric dentist and a general dentist?

  • All dentists have a bachelor’s degree + 4 years of dental school.
    • Pediatric Dentists go on to have 2-3 additional years of training specializing in pediatric dentistry (or taking care of teeth from birth to adult).
  • Both treat the same types of issues – from tooth decay to the removal of teeth.
  • Pediatric Dentists have additional special training in certain aspects of dentistry that primarily affect children, like the evaluation of tongue + lip ties, the eruption of teeth, and care of baby teeth.

At the end of the day, our skilled approach comes from the fact that we love kids so much, our dentists took the time to earn an extra specialty degree in pediatrics.