Tongue + Lip Tie Treatment

What is a tongue-tie or lip tie?

  • A tongue-tie is an unusually short, tight or thick band of tissue (also called a lingual frenulum) underneath the tongue.
  • A lip-tie is an unusually long, tight, or thick band of tissue from the top of the lip down to the tooth line on the upper lip.

Why does it matter?

  • As a baby an untreated significant tongue or lip-tie can lead to difficulty latching when breastfeeding, inefficient eating from a bottle, and trouble swallowing,
  • As a child it can lead to difficulties speaking and eating, leading to working with a speech therapist.

What do we do?

  • We will evaluate each kiddo individually. Often, you’ll be coming in after a recommendation from a Lactation Consultant. We don’t believe that every child needs the same treatment. Some mild lip and tongue ties do not need to be addressed. We’ll make the decision with you, taking your child’s best interests to heart.
  • If we decide that your child needs to have their tie addressed, it will be a quick in-office procedure. You’ll be able to stay with your baby or kiddo the whole time.