Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Why are wisdom teeth sometimes removed?

  • To alleviate pain + infection
  • To make room for other teeth + avoid crowding.
  • Because they’re stuck (or impacted), meaning they can’t break through your gums.

Should everyone have their wisdom teeth removed?

  • Nope! Some people are lucky, and they grow in happy + healthy.

When are wisdom teeth removed?

  • They’re routinely checked by your dentist between 16-19 years of age.

What is the timing to remove wisdom teeth?

  • We recommend removal before age 20 for impacted wisdom teeth.
  • Removal before age 20 makes it easier on you! If the roots + bones of your teeth haven’t fully formed, they’re soft and easier to remove – plus you’ll heal faster!

How expensive is it to have wisdom teeth removed at FoCo Kids?

  • If you have Medicaid, it’s covered under your plan. We’ll just need to take the time to get a pre-authorization.
  • If you have CHP it will vary, we can help you find out and get pre-authorization.
  • If you’re a private pay customer, we’re proud to offer competitive rates making expert dental care affordable to all of our patients.